Monday, September 24, 2012



I could never have imagined that when I began this journey into poetry that I would have enjoyed it as much as I did!  Writing poetry, taking photos of my life along the way was the most rewarding experience for me.  I will never forget this experience and what it has taught me along the way.

I thought it would be easy to write a poem each day and add it to a blog, knowing all the while I would hopefully be creating a small book of some kind later down the road.  What I discovered was that it would truly be an act of love, a work of discipline and a time of growth for me as a writer and poet.  

I tried to write when the words came to me, writing several poems along the way at the same time.  Each day re-reading, correcting, adding words until it felt perfect to me.  I kept a journal with me all the time, for when the inspiration or a word, thought, or idea came to me, I would remember it and refer to it later.  What a treasure that journal is to me now!
Writing just doesn't happen, it requires a fullness of heart, a committed awareness and
 a discovery of who you truly are way down deep inside.
Poems don't just magically appear onto the page.   Everyday was a challenge for me
coming up with the right poem for the right day.  Writing this blog became my best friend and each morning I rose early, before my household awakened.  I wanted to write in the quietness of the morning, for there I knew my inspiration would come, and it did.
My poems became my best companions and they knew me well deep inside.

My writing style is just for me.  I learned that in Poetry, there are so many writing styles and I tried a little of each kind, but the free verse style worked best for me and that is where I found my true voice.  I learned that rhyming doesn't always work and there are no rules for writing poetry when it is coming straight from the heart.  Some will say there must be perfect rhyming, punctuation and verse,
others say just write what you feel and don't worry about everything else.
I tend to agree, for poetry is certainly a personal journey only YOU can take.

I will continue to write poetry, even now after this journey has been completed.  For I found that it completes me, it heals me and adds inspiration to my life.  Poetry is a gift and words can be given to others in time of need, celebration and encouragement.
Writing poetry is a way of life for me.

I am truly enriched for having taken this 100 Poems Journey.  When I began in early summer and now have ended in early fall, I found out that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!  I know that YES I do have something to say and to share with others.  I feel as though I am letting go of my best friend and companion at this very moment.   My poetry, my journey, my passion, my friend.

Thank you for those who followed me along the way, your words of encouragement meant a great deal to me and your support of my project meant even more.
Friendships are a gift in this lifetime and I am grateful for yours,
you know exactly who you are!

Donna Lee Zeppieri Wynn

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Poeming It Out Loud

(photo taken for Chickadee Road)

Poeming It Out Loud

I took an E-course
this early spring of twenty twelve
that truly changed
my writing life
and me way down deep inside

My inspiring friend Liz
created a course entitled
"Poem It Out"
little did I know back then 
just how much it would inspire me 

I decided to take it
because my girlfriend Jennifer
was taking it too
it would be something we could 
share together along the way

I wanted to re-ignite the poet
that was tucked way down 
deep inside me
for she had gone missing 
for a very long time

What I received along the way 
was so much more
than I could ever
put down into words
for writing became a spiritual act

To Poem it Out Loud
is reaching way down 
deep inside of yourself
pulling out the words
that have been buried for awhile

I learned to express myself
to let go of the hurts
the words they came with honesty
they just kept pouring out
spilling onto the page

I am grateful for the experience
of what I learned about myself
 in that very short time
for you see six weeks 
just wasn't long enough for me

Thank you Liz
for the experience
of learning and discovery
to find my voice again
 learning to share my very own words 

When given the chance
to express how you feel
write from your heart
record every emotion
learn to Poem It Out Loud

(Poem It Out inspiration from the Liz Lamoreux's E-Course)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life is a Celebration

Life is a Celebration

Life truly is a celebration
each and every day we live
It is our choice as to whether 
to believe this or not

Awake each morning with 
a sense of celebration
for health, comforts, love
and yes for precious memories

Celebrate your life
with each passing day
Celebrate the moments you
have had with success

Life is a gift
we need to embrace it
with a sense of celebration
but most of all honor it

Celebrate YOU and the
wonderful person that you have become
For you are unique and divine
for this can be a celebration of your life and mine

Celebration of this life
a rare and true moment
honoring you 
being grateful and true

Friday, September 21, 2012



Wherever it may lead you
whatever you may discover
take the journey
follow your heart

Wherever it may take you
wherever you decide to go
take the journey
it will be worth it

Journey through
the pain and hurt
Journey through
the ups and downs

Whenever it presents itself
whenever you are ready to receive it
open your heart readily
for there is so much here to learn

Journey through
the growing times
Journey through
your life experiences

Most importantly
walk the journey
take the journey
learn from the journey

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Invitations I Offer Myself

Invitations I Offer Myself

Remember always to be happy
To always be content
with whatever comes my way

Grant myself forgiveness
for things I can't control
be gentle with my little self

Open my heart wide
receive all there is to take in
never stop learning and growing

Love those who are around you
give them the gift of yourself
your treasures lie within them

Invite peace into your being
calmness of the spirit
gentleness of the mind

Let go of stresses
for they only hurt you
welcome moments of zen 

Capture life's memories
take in all of the joy
invite myself to just be free

(writing prompt inspired from Michelle Ensminger of Ordinary Magic)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New York City Magic

 New York City Magic

A place I come to visit
each March of every year
I love this city that
is filled with hustle everywhere
there is no where else like it

The bright lights of Times Square
the people everywhere
Shopping, museums
music playing on the streets
there is so much food everywhere

I have come to love this city
in all of it's glory and fame
for it is unlike no other place to visit
a must for all to see
an experience that you will never forget

It's magical, a bit overwhelming,
delightful and full of busyness
New York City
has stolen a piece of my heart
for just a weekend every year

I look forward to coming
with each new year
to discover something new
I have never seen before
I want to experience my own New York

Shopping in historic Soho, 
visiting the Met and Guggenheim,
A Sunday walk in Central Park, 
Taxi rides, Cappuccinos,
Subway rides and yes Tiffany's jewelry store

I love this mighty city
they say that never sleeps
for now I know that is the truth
for when you are here in this magical city
you don't want to miss a single moment

There is you see a thing called
 New York City Magic
try it and you will see
it never disappoints
yet surprises me along the way

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Daily Practice

Daily Practice

Whatever you need
to accomplish inner joy
Do it now don't wait

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Surfer Boy

 My Surfer Boy

My Jimmy . . .
your still curly hair
now beginning to grey
you have come home to me now
for thirty five years
I have loved building a life with you
for all of this precious and amazing time

My surfer boy
still catching the waves
you have made me so happy
and loved me with care
father to our two boys
you never stop teaching them
by your example of
how to live this life
with strength, honor and grace

Oh my hubby
how you still hold my heart
thank you for loving me
with such tender care
what a gift our life 
has truly become
each day together
has now become treasured

For you surfer boy are loved by me!
Your Donna Lee

(writing prompt inspired by Judith Stevens and FCI Writing Group)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Time Will Come

A Time Will Come

A time will come
when you will question
where you have been
and where you are going

A time will come
when you will question
who you truly are
and what you stand for

A time will come
when you shout out to the world
what you believe
and what disgusts you

A time will come
when you need to be there
for there are so many
hurts in this world

A time will come
when you must reach
way down deep inside
to discover who you truly are

A time will come
when you must seek out
those who think and believe like you
for it is truly important

A time will come
when you must forgive yourself
love and encourage yourself
 believe in who you have become

A time will come
when your voice matters
others will listen and hear
for your words matter 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letting Go

Letting Go

Try not to hold on
to the things
that hurt your heart
no good can come to you

Letting go is a must
a thing you have
to do
trust your instincts

Let go of hurts
and grudges in your heart
of things you can't control
there is freedom waiting

Be free from negativity
Let go of harmful thoughts
that come to you each day
you will recognize happiness

Let go
be free
loving yourself
you will find you waiting there

Letting go can heal
your heart
it's the only thing to do
trust in this moment

Let go of all
you cannot fix
let go of the hurts inside
you will find peace is waiting there

Friday, September 14, 2012

Paying Attention

Paying Attention

So many times
we run our lives
in busy haste and urgency
never paying attention
to the beauty all around us

Take time to slow yourself down
smell the flowers
see the beautiful color palette
formed in nature
glance at the clouds forming above

Spend time with others
hear what they have to say
don't just listen halfway
listen with full intention
take in the words you hear from them

Make someone feel as if they matter
that you care only for them
in that moment
for today we truly 
pass each other by so quickly

For paying attention 
to all this life is offering you
you will find there are lessons 
in each and every gift
that is presented to you

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My heart longs for . . .

My Heart Longs For

Peace in the midst of confusion
Happiness every minute
of every day
Contentment in where I am now
Reconciliation between my siblings

Stress Free work days
Friendships that last forever
Love always Love
Inner growth
Compassion for others hurting

Artistic moments
to express just how I feel
Peace and quietness
Words overflowing
Time to write my poetry

My heart longs for
so many things
Inner Peace most of all
a settledness of my life
right here and right now

(poetry prompt inspired from Chickadee Road)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In This Moment

In This Moment

I am content
happy to be me
in this moment

Life is beautiful
giving so many
with each passing day

I am here
reaching for contentment
wanting bliss

I am seeking
moments to grow deeper
writing deeper
thinking splendidly

In this moment
I am joyous
I am seeing the
world around me

How beautiful are
the small moments
out of the ordinary
just here in this moment

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gifts I Give to the World

Gifts I Give to the World

 my gentleness

a smile

my faith

words of encouragement

my words




sister ship


my voice

a helping hand


many many hugs

happiness all around




I give the world ME!

(writing prompt inspired from Michelle Ensminger from Ordinary Magic)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Flower Pot

Flower Pot

Aged and wearing down

Flower pot still has beauty

I have received joy

Sunday, September 9, 2012



thought provoking
Color is
all around us

When found in
it is most
we appreciate it

Color adds
 meaning to our 
every day lives
it sets our moods
 for the entire day

It is everywhere
just look and see
the feathers of a bird
a flower blooming
a rainbow in the sky

Color is everywhere
it sends a message
of happiness
to all who are able
to receive 

Look around you
for moments of 
amazing Color
for it is truly everywhere

Saturday, September 8, 2012



It comes most any time
that feeling when you 
have to create

Inspiration comes to me
especially at the ocean
setting myself apart
from the rest 
of my busy world

Hearing the ocean waves
the sun shining down
on me
watercolors and brushes
 the perfect setting is taking place

Inspiration comes to me
in so many different ways
through a word
or a poem
a special moment in life

I am open to the moments
my eyes are open wide
just waiting for the times to come
 when I can play with just me
bringing what I imagine into being

I am inspired by my life
filled with great intentions
inspiration means so much to me
for I see the opportunities
 for my own self expression

Friday, September 7, 2012



To love yourself
before you can love others
 for you are enough

There is so much for you 
to give to others
your words are enough

Never doubt your self worth
or what is inside
 for someone truly needs you

Remind yourself always
of just
how incredible you are

Remember this daily
and give what you can
for you are simply enough

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Squam Love

Squam Love

Retreat away
with kindred spirits
along the Outer Banks seashore

Time for fellowship
precious bonding and laughter
there is happiness all around

Giggles and dancing
hugging and tears
learning and sharing together

Time to let my
little girl come out to play
she flourishes with every minute here

Paints, papers,
brushes and glue,
journals, yoga, cameras everywhere

Twinkling lights
nurturing of the inner soul
meditation time on the beach alone

Creative sisters
all around me
surrounded in blissful love

New friendships formed
precious reunions
happy just to be together again

Free to me 
letting go of the world
for just a few magical days

Campfire on the Beach
sharing, hugging, pictures galore,
just being
together in kindred love

Oh Squam how you changed my life
just a few years ago
what a gift you are to my soul

A yearly tradition for me
to look forward to
with joy and anticipation

Anticipation of what I
will experience next
each year gets better and better

Oh Squam by the Sea
you are in my heart
how I love you so

It is a time to experience
letting go to just be
 present in the moment

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

End of Summer

End of Summer

Lazy days of summer
have passed

book reading
afternoon naps
long walks
along the shore
time away
from the routine
just playing
eating out
in different 
hot temperatures
rain storms
just a distant
memory now

For fall is fast
a time to settle into
cooler temps
colored leaves

Settling in to what 
will now be
a fresh beginning
a new routine