Saturday, June 30, 2012



so often wasted

passing so quickly

a gift
never enough

taken for granted

wanting more
appreciate greatly

be still
oh how I wish
could stand still
just for a moment

Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts

ice cream cones
walks on the beach
giggles with friends
smiles from strangers

buying a new dress
watching birds fly
writing poetry
buying a new pen

afternoon naps
a cup of hot tea
reading a book for hours
finding time for just me

loving my kids
the kiss from a puppy
holding my hubby's hand
the gift of a letter

writing words in the sand
playing in a journal
capturing a photo
eating dessert first

giggles and smiles
winks from a stranger
happy thoughts
they come to me

Thursday, June 28, 2012



brushes and colors
pastels and pencils
words coming
girlie forming
scribbles and fun
colors bright

finding my inner girlie
painting with release
letting go of all
just playing with me
in this moment

time in my studio
time to just play
finding myself here
within this canvas wall

letting go
just here
in this 
playful moment
release from all fear

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



As I sit here this morning
this very quiet
this word keeps coming to me
yearn . . . 
I ask myself what does it mean?

Yearn equals wanting
I yearn for time,
much more precious time
where I can sit and play 
with my art,
write with my typewriter,
knit with my yarn
my brushes and paints
they gently call out to me
come and play with us
little Donna Lee

I long to play and not have to work
such a very long day
I want to be in my studio
a beautiful room
filled with my treasures
a safe place for me,
I want to create the most
beautiful things
I long to be with me, 
my creative self
 just being there
in a quiet moment
no worries
no cares

Yearning for more
wanting peace within
yearning for rest
 and finding that place

Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Open heart
Open mind
Open to the new 
of this precious lifetime

Open to 
what life has in store
finding new journeys
along life's way
breathing in positive
breathing out negative
Open the lungs
wide and strong
finding your rhythm 
with your heart and your mind

Seek Openness
whenever you can
don't close the doors
to what is in store
be open to forgiveness
to acceptance
and yes
always be open
to finding 
your inner YOU

wide Open
listen and accept
 all there is
to receive
you will hear it
if you will only

Monday, June 25, 2012



fragrant smell
beauty in white
a gift for all to

a familiar friend
same time each year
my backyard beauty

Sunday, June 24, 2012



early rise
a new day beginning
the sun will rise
over the ocean waves

quiet and still
I stand here on the sand
waiting for daylight to come
the beauty of the morning
all alone on this beach
waiting for a glimpse of
daylight to come

the small glimpse of color
beyond the horizon
growing brighter and stronger 
with each and every moment
until it appears
strong and bright
yellow goldenrod
in color
daylight has come
daylight has come

I take it all in
this majestic moment
me all alone
this day's first light

my camera has taken
so many shots
I can't get enough of this
beautiful sight
I later stand 
in my yoga position
breathing in renewal
breathing out unwanted
so grateful to be here
at dawns early light

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cracks of the Heart

Cracks of the Heart

heart love
heart joy
hearts are open wide
celebrating life's joyous moments
with each and every
passing day

heart aches
heart sorrows
hearts are deeply wounded
cracked and hurting
living through life's daily moments

the heart is strong
the heart is resiliant
healing the cracks from
life's hurtful journey

heart is spilling open wide
celebrating love's fullness
cracks of the heart
mended with time
healed with renewal
 life's love journey

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sacred Garden

Sacred Garden

As I come to weed my garden
this beautiful Saturday morn
I begin weeding away unwanted growth
I stop and pause at my
Lemon Balm bush,
a familiar friend to me,
coming for a visit
this same time every year.

The beautiful new leaves are popping through
the scent of lemon
all over my fingers,
pulling away the dead wood
from just last years harvest
weeding away all that is no longer needed,
allowing room for new growth,
 renewed freshness,
the gift of renewal and beauty.

I am reminded that my life is that way as well,
there will always be the need to 
be pruned away,
always growing and renewing
with each new season in my own life.
Letting go of unwanted waste
allowing myself and my heart to
 reach towards the sun,
letting go of what is holding me back,
growing into something
and oh so beautiful!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Word Love



















Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

come and celebrate
the longest day of the year
see the beauty of the sun
and the gifting of its light
take a walk
and seek
connection with yourself
moving inward
practice gratefulness
for all that has been given
renew your spirit
devote time in this day
to be in the moment
see the small wonders
carry the light within you
be joyous
embrace this
summer solstice
a once a year gift
rejoice and celebrate
the returning of the light

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Poet Self

My Poet Self

reaching deep within
not knowing what will come
I open myself up
to every tender thought
writing words from my heart
feelings pouring out
 onto the page

this is a safe place
I know it
I feel it is so
there has always been
a poet self
buried deep within

now I reach inward
to find myself there
writing and sharing
the pages of my life
looking forward to what will come
and what can be overcome
with written words
 open wide

Monday, June 18, 2012

Where I Stand

Where I Stand

Today I stand with strength,
honor and grace.
Happy to be the woman
I have become.
Today I stand ready to
endure strong and wise.
Happy to be artistic,
happy to be me.
Today I stand loving my friends
with deep passion of heart.
Today, this very day,
I stand grateful for my life;
where I have been
and where I have yet to go.
I am open to new and exciting
happy to be me
Donna Lee
right here and right now.

(poetry prompt inspired from Liz Lamoreux)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Gift of a Father

My daddy Zep

The Gift of a Father

He was born
Evangelista Angelo Zeppieri
a name with
a name of Italian strength

Born to immigrants from Italy,
my daddy grew up in New Jersey
in a small little town called
Little Ferry
He lived on a street called
 Henches Place
still a favorite memory of mine,
till he joined up with the Navy
as a very young man

I wonder . . . 
did he know then
where his life would go from there?
He retired as a Chief
with honor and respect,
serving many long years
doing something he
absolutely loved,
so proud of having 
served his country and
his fellow man

always a devoted husband
raising three children,
through good and hard times,
he could read a novel in just a day
 you would always find him
tending with such care 
to his beautiful and amazing yard,
you could hear his whistling
when he entered a room
bringing someone the gift 
of one of his peonies,
I can't forget those bird tattoos
at home on the back 
of each of his legs!
a reminder of his good 'ole 
navy days

truly loving every minute of his life
battling cancer with grace
leaving a family behind
I am missing him everyday 
that he has been gone

the gift he gave me
of being my daddy
words just can't express

Saturday, June 16, 2012



stillness of heart and mind
breathing in and breathing out
what beautiful and quiet feelings arise
letting go of unneeded words
being present in just this moment
learning that this moment is enough
mindfulness of speech and action
slowing myself down enough to listen
slowing down to absorb all that is
around me
this is not always easy
quieting down the mind chatter
but always worth the effort
with self
my journey

Friday, June 15, 2012


I have decided to "fly" with this book idea

I have had this idea for a book with my own written poems and artwork or photography for quite some time now.   I recently went back through my written journal of ideas and there was a small little line that said "my own book of poetry and photos".  Recently I have just finished Poem it Out with Liz Lamoreux and it was an experience of a lifetime.  I had buried the poet within for quite awhile and suddenly she had re-emerged while taking this course.  I was so grateful for all I had learned from Liz.  I was not ready for the course to end and I wasn't ready to let go of the daily practice of writing poetry and observing the world around me.  So much so that I decided I wanted to challenge myself in a way to continue writing my poetry and keeping a poetry journal that would be an ongoing treasure for me.  I thought perhaps I could do a small photo book and add my own poems to the photos, the ideas were forming but I couldn't put anything concrete together in my thought process . . . until recently.

I took a workshop awhile back through the Wish Studio with Mindy Tsonas, called Ordinary Magic:  An Invitation to Write from your Life with Michelle Ensminger.   I know that was the most wonderful writing experience for me and re-ignited my passion for writing.  Thank you Mindy for seeing the beauty and talent in Michelle, and thank you Michelle for the beautiful way you presented writing to me.  I had first met Michelle at Squam by the Sea in October 2010, so spending more time with her was going to be an added treat.  What a beautiful spirit she has.  Her words are thought provoking and straight to the heart.  If Mindy ever offers this class again, don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself, it will change you from the inside out.

I had been reading a book from Writer's Digest entitled "How to blog a book"  by Nina Amir.  It really was a book guiding someone to write a novel by way of a blog, which I knew I wasn't ready for.  Yet somehow I knew the idea for my poetry/photography book might just be able to happen this way.   I would be able to merge my love for poetry with my artwork and photography online through a blog.  I kept asking myself Why not??? I have had my own personal art blog for over two years now at Gentle Threads .  I was completely comfortable with the blog world and communicating there.  I found my writing voice through my blog and have totally loved the experience of it all.  The idea struck me so fast and so hard that I couldn't let go of the thought of it!  Has that ever happened to you before?

So the idea of My One Hundred Poem Journey had begun.  I wanted to challenge myself daily to write a poem . . . it might be a long one, a short one, just a paragraph, maybe just five lines, Haiku, etc. No rules just write poetry, which I love so much.  The idea was to set aside a regular writing time each day and come up with a poetry post . . . on a blog to share with others, but especially to keep for myself.  Why One Hundred days?  I am not sure, the number just seemed to fit, the challenge just seemed right and I knew that with one hundred pages . . . I would have a pretty nice book when I was finished to cherish for a very long time!

Writing is a discipline and I am up to the challenge.  There is something magical about putting pen to the page, writing from the heart . . . or putting your fingers to the keyboard.  There are so many incredible poets out there that have inspired me for so very long.  Each one of them have taught me a lesson through their own poems and written prose.  Perhaps through my own words, I will in turn touch someone else. Poetry is beautiful, it is expression, there are NO rules that come with it . . . only that you express your feelings . . . where you are at the very present moment.  So how fitting for me to begin my One Hundred Day journey with this post being on my second son's 29th birthday . . . Happy Birthday Drew!  Your mama loves you with all of her heart and she always will be your cheerleader.

So I welcome you here!  Tomorrow will be my first poem post and I am so excited.  This will be an experience of a lifetime.  I am beginning in early summer and when my 100 days are over it will be just the beginning of Autumn, I believe there is something magical about the timing and a poem in there somewhere!  I am excited to be here, sharing my word thoughts with you.