Wednesday, June 27, 2012



As I sit here this morning
this very quiet
this word keeps coming to me
yearn . . . 
I ask myself what does it mean?

Yearn equals wanting
I yearn for time,
much more precious time
where I can sit and play 
with my art,
write with my typewriter,
knit with my yarn
my brushes and paints
they gently call out to me
come and play with us
little Donna Lee

I long to play and not have to work
such a very long day
I want to be in my studio
a beautiful room
filled with my treasures
a safe place for me,
I want to create the most
beautiful things
I long to be with me, 
my creative self
 just being there
in a quiet moment
no worries
no cares

Yearning for more
wanting peace within
yearning for rest
 and finding that place