Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Gift of a Father

My daddy Zep

The Gift of a Father

He was born
Evangelista Angelo Zeppieri
a name with
a name of Italian strength

Born to immigrants from Italy,
my daddy grew up in New Jersey
in a small little town called
Little Ferry
He lived on a street called
 Henches Place
still a favorite memory of mine,
till he joined up with the Navy
as a very young man

I wonder . . . 
did he know then
where his life would go from there?
He retired as a Chief
with honor and respect,
serving many long years
doing something he
absolutely loved,
so proud of having 
served his country and
his fellow man

always a devoted husband
raising three children,
through good and hard times,
he could read a novel in just a day
 you would always find him
tending with such care 
to his beautiful and amazing yard,
you could hear his whistling
when he entered a room
bringing someone the gift 
of one of his peonies,
I can't forget those bird tattoos
at home on the back 
of each of his legs!
a reminder of his good 'ole 
navy days

truly loving every minute of his life
battling cancer with grace
leaving a family behind
I am missing him everyday 
that he has been gone

the gift he gave me
of being my daddy
words just can't express