Friday, June 15, 2012


I have decided to "fly" with this book idea

I have had this idea for a book with my own written poems and artwork or photography for quite some time now.   I recently went back through my written journal of ideas and there was a small little line that said "my own book of poetry and photos".  Recently I have just finished Poem it Out with Liz Lamoreux and it was an experience of a lifetime.  I had buried the poet within for quite awhile and suddenly she had re-emerged while taking this course.  I was so grateful for all I had learned from Liz.  I was not ready for the course to end and I wasn't ready to let go of the daily practice of writing poetry and observing the world around me.  So much so that I decided I wanted to challenge myself in a way to continue writing my poetry and keeping a poetry journal that would be an ongoing treasure for me.  I thought perhaps I could do a small photo book and add my own poems to the photos, the ideas were forming but I couldn't put anything concrete together in my thought process . . . until recently.

I took a workshop awhile back through the Wish Studio with Mindy Tsonas, called Ordinary Magic:  An Invitation to Write from your Life with Michelle Ensminger.   I know that was the most wonderful writing experience for me and re-ignited my passion for writing.  Thank you Mindy for seeing the beauty and talent in Michelle, and thank you Michelle for the beautiful way you presented writing to me.  I had first met Michelle at Squam by the Sea in October 2010, so spending more time with her was going to be an added treat.  What a beautiful spirit she has.  Her words are thought provoking and straight to the heart.  If Mindy ever offers this class again, don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself, it will change you from the inside out.

I had been reading a book from Writer's Digest entitled "How to blog a book"  by Nina Amir.  It really was a book guiding someone to write a novel by way of a blog, which I knew I wasn't ready for.  Yet somehow I knew the idea for my poetry/photography book might just be able to happen this way.   I would be able to merge my love for poetry with my artwork and photography online through a blog.  I kept asking myself Why not??? I have had my own personal art blog for over two years now at Gentle Threads .  I was completely comfortable with the blog world and communicating there.  I found my writing voice through my blog and have totally loved the experience of it all.  The idea struck me so fast and so hard that I couldn't let go of the thought of it!  Has that ever happened to you before?

So the idea of My One Hundred Poem Journey had begun.  I wanted to challenge myself daily to write a poem . . . it might be a long one, a short one, just a paragraph, maybe just five lines, Haiku, etc. No rules just write poetry, which I love so much.  The idea was to set aside a regular writing time each day and come up with a poetry post . . . on a blog to share with others, but especially to keep for myself.  Why One Hundred days?  I am not sure, the number just seemed to fit, the challenge just seemed right and I knew that with one hundred pages . . . I would have a pretty nice book when I was finished to cherish for a very long time!

Writing is a discipline and I am up to the challenge.  There is something magical about putting pen to the page, writing from the heart . . . or putting your fingers to the keyboard.  There are so many incredible poets out there that have inspired me for so very long.  Each one of them have taught me a lesson through their own poems and written prose.  Perhaps through my own words, I will in turn touch someone else. Poetry is beautiful, it is expression, there are NO rules that come with it . . . only that you express your feelings . . . where you are at the very present moment.  So how fitting for me to begin my One Hundred Day journey with this post being on my second son's 29th birthday . . . Happy Birthday Drew!  Your mama loves you with all of her heart and she always will be your cheerleader.

So I welcome you here!  Tomorrow will be my first poem post and I am so excited.  This will be an experience of a lifetime.  I am beginning in early summer and when my 100 days are over it will be just the beginning of Autumn, I believe there is something magical about the timing and a poem in there somewhere!  I am excited to be here, sharing my word thoughts with you.