Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

It happens rarely
that second full moon 
that comes again in the month
but with it
comes a time
of magical transformation

It is beautiful
and brings with it
renewal and light
new directions
a time to pause
for magic is in the making

See it as a time 
to transform
those inner thoughts
of yours and mine
see it as a beautiful
refreshing time
 for setting new directions

A second full moon
is a sign of 
new energies coming
gaze at it
soak it in
for tomorrow it will
be gone

For once in a "blue moon"
is a phrase
of long long ago
to remind us of change
a time for the unusual
for this is something 
worth taking notice.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Things

Simple Things

Life is full of wonder
if only you will see
there is beauty in 
the simple things
 there for you to receive

A flower growing
the sun shining brightly
a mighty thunderstorm
a tiny little dragonfly
a rainbow after a storm
waves crashing on the shoreline

Life is full of joy
if only you will see
look for the beauty
in the simple things
throughout your busy day

A flower blooming all alone
a baby bunny just learning to hop
the sound of birds singing
a cricket chirping in the night 
a full moon in its beauty
a poem read out loud

Life is full of love
if only you will see
seek out moments
of tenderness
to those who are around you

A kiss on the cheek
a hug from a friend
a handwritten letter
a smile from a stranger
a pay it forward moment
a soft touch of the hand

Life is full of
simple things
fleeting moments
to heed and recognize
if only you will see

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Faith Is . . .

Faith Is . . . 

Believing in a
mighty God

Something that gets you through 
those times of uncertainty

Not always knowing
which way to turn

Loving and trusting
God will get you through


An act of discipline
A way of living

Faith gives strength
Being calm and assured

A constant companion
Faith is believing

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Words come to us
in so many ways

Poetry is beautiful
Sharing our innermost thoughts

Collect words
store words

Quiet times in the morning
a simple little corner

Writing is cleansing
it can soothe the heart

Writing down
journaling words

Find the words
Find the time

Monday, August 27, 2012



I feel contentment

Peaceful quiet inner dreams

Happy heart today

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Dreamer

The Dreamer

She dreams of wonderful things
all throughout her day
sweet promises
magical places
happiness all around her

She dreams of happy things
whenever her mind sits still
rainbows in the sky

She dreams of what will come to her
for they are just a 
reach away
new paths
long journeys
wishes coming true

 Her dreams are real
they are a gift
to her delicate yet
beautiful soul
they speak to her
in beautiful ways
reminding her to reach

She is truly a dreamer
reaching higher
wanting more
growing deeper
searching further

For you see 
she is 
a dreamer

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Inner Storms

Inner Storms

inner storms come
brewing way deep inside
anxiety comes
along with doubts
self worthlessness
negative inner thoughts

inner storms come
they can mess with your mind
take time to process them
they came for a reason
not always easy to understand
process the thoughts
be still and listen
with all of your heart
love thoughts can heal
you can emerge

inner storms come
teaching us to slow down
to listen
to settle our minds
to calm our hearts
to find the patience within us
don't ignore them
they are signs we need
to process
 teaching us something 
we so need to learn

Friday, August 24, 2012



old and shattered
aging away
no longer nurtured
no longer valued
why is it we have forgotten?

aging is a scary thing
we rush around
ignoring it
hoping it will go away
out of sight out of mind
choosing not to see

forgotten is a scary word
it applies that we don't care
we have forgotten
what is important
the individual
the human being

find compassion
have a heart
don't forget those
aging around you
they deserve so much more
than we ever choose to give

forgotten can be hurtful
to those who need us so much
spend the time
share your world
to someone deserving today
it's time to restore the heart

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Touch Points

Touch Points

a hug from a loved one

a note in the mail

a text saying hello

a gift just because

touch points

a family meal together

holiday moments

cherishing time

being together just because

touch points

holding hands on a walk

a glance and a smile

a written letter

a kiss on the lips just because

touch points

a soft touch to someone

a poem written in love

spending time

loving each other just because

touch points

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three Little Words

Three Little Words




I am learning to be patient

I acknowledge the wisdom in others

I always strive for continued growth 

three little words

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Today I am turning fifty five
a day of significant 
meaning to me
I ask myself
"Where did the time of my life go?"
I am always seeking, 
growing, reaching,
always returning
back to self
to myself

Listen she says to me
love who you are
enjoy the blessings
of your precious life
never stop reaching
remember to
follow your heart
not everyone will 
understand or accept you
or even like you
and that's okay too!

Take care of what's been given
keep yourself well
inside and out
write from your heart
write with confidence
knowing that your words
are meant for just you
for you have something to say
dear girl

Share only if you are lead to do so
love the little donna lee
buried deep inside of you
see that
she is tender
she is creative
she is true
she is still there
deep inside of you

Monday, August 20, 2012

Notes to My Ten Year Old Self

Notes to Ten Year Old Self

live your life well little girl . . .
you are going to love your amazing life

live your life freely . . .
you are going to be a creative soul

live your life compassionately . . . 
you are going to fall in love with senior adults

live your life carefully . . .
you will make good and wise life decisions

live your life with intention . . . 
you will come to love and need yoga

life your life artfully . . . 
you are gonna love to weave and paint

live your life lovingly . . .
you are going to have two amazing little boys

live your life passionately . . .
you are going to love the same man
for a very long time

live your life faithfully . . .
you will love and follow a mighty God

live your life healthy . . .
you will learn to take good care of yourself

live your life with some crazy . . .
you will say what you feel
and never hold back

live your life to the edge . . .
you will learn that is a hard thing to do

live your life with wonder . . .
you will explore and see life with awe

live your life by example . . .
so many will be watching you

live your life creatively . . .
you are going to become an artist

live your life playfully . . .
you will come to need that throughout
your life moments

live your life happy and joyous
you will always be
little Donna Lee Lee

(Poetry prompt from Misty Mawn's Stretching Within E Course)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sipping Tea and Poetry

Sipping Tea and Poetry

I gather my tea treasures
for a quiet afternoon
small candelight
tea kettle
tea cup
the perfect blend of tea

I love the ceremony
of drinking tea
quiet and stillness
patience while brewing
anticipating the aroma
soon to fill the room

I pour my cup of tea
and settle myself in
picking up poetry
from a treasured friend
soaking in the beauty
of tea and touching words

There is no greater gift
to give to oneself
slowing down
having tea
loving quiet times
alone with just me

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Writing at Starbucks

Writing at Starbucks

There are times when
you just need to escape
to find your thoughts
and fill the blank page

I find myself running to
 Starbucks many times
for quiet and writing
letting my thoughts
flow freely
with coffee in hand

I pick my usual table
the music is playing
the others are laughing
I can hear deep conversations
yet tune them out easily
I let my fingers
keep typing away
I find a writing
rhythm here

it is comforting here
and time is productive
writing my thoughts
my poems
my innermost feelings
Starbucks and me
my writing safe haven
soy latte and words
what a great

finding myself
passing the time away
alone in the corner
writing the words
being with me and just me

Friday, August 17, 2012

I am

I am

always seeking
I am an artist

I am a wife and mother
cherished friend
optician by day
a word weaver
a photographer
seeing the world
through my camera lens

I am blissful
a poet and a writer
I am so 
beautiful inside

I am
Donna Lee

Thursday, August 16, 2012



discover something new today
try learning a new skill
walk where you have never walked before
try eating a new food

take a new path to work
explore the fragrances of life
try a new author
read a new poet

discover the beauty
open your eyes
reach out
and find a new friend

there is beauty all around
just waiting for us to
discover it
and breathe it all in

discover who you really are
way down deep inside
you might like what you find there
discover your own beauty

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What if I were to tell you?

What if I were to tell you?

What if I were to tell you that 
soon I will be turning 55
and that I really can't
believe that is true

that turning 55 scares me
more than when I turned
50 years old
that didn't even bother me

What if I were to tell you
that I get nervous
reading poetry out loud
but I want to do it anyway

What if I were to tell you 
that I am still in love with my spouse
after thirty five years
of marriage

What if I were to tell you
that I am still not quite 
sure about my artwork
and calling myself
"an artist"
that is a very big word to me

What if I were to tell you
that I strive to be
the best that I can be
each and every day
I am still seeking
still trying
still moving forward
still trying to figure it all out

What if I were to tell you
that the grieving of my parents
is almost over
not quite
but I am getting stronger
with every passing day

What if I were to tell you
that I do like me
Donna Lee
all that she is
 all that 
she hopes to be
I am getting there
it's been a slow journey
toward self

What if I were to tell you
that my life is full of blessings
that I am grateful
for all of it
for each experience
each step in the journey
has brought me to where
I am right here and now

What if I were to tell you
that today I am living with
a very grateful heart

(Poetry prompt inspired from Liz Lamoreux)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Retreat to self

Retreat to Self

calming down
taking it all in
quiet thoughts
no where to be
no one needing you

retreat to self
is a gift
find opportunities
whenever you can
for slowing yourself down

breathing in slowly
meditating on nature's beauty
prayerfully consider
the life you are living
retreat to your bliss

sit in amazement
at all that is surrounding you
close your eyes

retreat to self
is free medicine
you need nothing
to enter
just wishes and an open heart

center yourself
being thankful
for the opportunity given