Monday, August 6, 2012

Creative Play

Creative Play

blank paper
staring up at me
no idea
where all this will lead
time to begin
my creative play

grabbing a paint brush
a color or two
let's see where
this all leads to

I begin with a color stroke
here and there
adding more paints
again here and there

I start to see something
begin to appear
if only I would add 
this here and there

my flowers begin to
come alive on the page
more bright colors
a stroke here and there

I love to play
late at night in my room 
 just painting away
it seems to me
magic begins here

a little bit later
I have finished my work
I like what I see
creation and beauty
filled up on the page

creative play
my best friend
never knowing what
will come
no worry or care

sometimes the best work
when I just play and play
letting the 
inner girlie
come out to play