Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Today I am turning fifty five
a day of significant 
meaning to me
I ask myself
"Where did the time of my life go?"
I am always seeking, 
growing, reaching,
always returning
back to self
to myself

Listen she says to me
love who you are
enjoy the blessings
of your precious life
never stop reaching
remember to
follow your heart
not everyone will 
understand or accept you
or even like you
and that's okay too!

Take care of what's been given
keep yourself well
inside and out
write from your heart
write with confidence
knowing that your words
are meant for just you
for you have something to say
dear girl

Share only if you are lead to do so
love the little donna lee
buried deep inside of you
see that
she is tender
she is creative
she is true
she is still there
deep inside of you