Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Things

Simple Things

Life is full of wonder
if only you will see
there is beauty in 
the simple things
 there for you to receive

A flower growing
the sun shining brightly
a mighty thunderstorm
a tiny little dragonfly
a rainbow after a storm
waves crashing on the shoreline

Life is full of joy
if only you will see
look for the beauty
in the simple things
throughout your busy day

A flower blooming all alone
a baby bunny just learning to hop
the sound of birds singing
a cricket chirping in the night 
a full moon in its beauty
a poem read out loud

Life is full of love
if only you will see
seek out moments
of tenderness
to those who are around you

A kiss on the cheek
a hug from a friend
a handwritten letter
a smile from a stranger
a pay it forward moment
a soft touch of the hand

Life is full of
simple things
fleeting moments
to heed and recognize
if only you will see