Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New York City Magic

 New York City Magic

A place I come to visit
each March of every year
I love this city that
is filled with hustle everywhere
there is no where else like it

The bright lights of Times Square
the people everywhere
Shopping, museums
music playing on the streets
there is so much food everywhere

I have come to love this city
in all of it's glory and fame
for it is unlike no other place to visit
a must for all to see
an experience that you will never forget

It's magical, a bit overwhelming,
delightful and full of busyness
New York City
has stolen a piece of my heart
for just a weekend every year

I look forward to coming
with each new year
to discover something new
I have never seen before
I want to experience my own New York

Shopping in historic Soho, 
visiting the Met and Guggenheim,
A Sunday walk in Central Park, 
Taxi rides, Cappuccinos,
Subway rides and yes Tiffany's jewelry store

I love this mighty city
they say that never sleeps
for now I know that is the truth
for when you are here in this magical city
you don't want to miss a single moment

There is you see a thing called
 New York City Magic
try it and you will see
it never disappoints
yet surprises me along the way