Thursday, September 6, 2012

Squam Love

Squam Love

Retreat away
with kindred spirits
along the Outer Banks seashore

Time for fellowship
precious bonding and laughter
there is happiness all around

Giggles and dancing
hugging and tears
learning and sharing together

Time to let my
little girl come out to play
she flourishes with every minute here

Paints, papers,
brushes and glue,
journals, yoga, cameras everywhere

Twinkling lights
nurturing of the inner soul
meditation time on the beach alone

Creative sisters
all around me
surrounded in blissful love

New friendships formed
precious reunions
happy just to be together again

Free to me 
letting go of the world
for just a few magical days

Campfire on the Beach
sharing, hugging, pictures galore,
just being
together in kindred love

Oh Squam how you changed my life
just a few years ago
what a gift you are to my soul

A yearly tradition for me
to look forward to
with joy and anticipation

Anticipation of what I
will experience next
each year gets better and better

Oh Squam by the Sea
you are in my heart
how I love you so

It is a time to experience
letting go to just be
 present in the moment