Monday, September 24, 2012



I could never have imagined that when I began this journey into poetry that I would have enjoyed it as much as I did!  Writing poetry, taking photos of my life along the way was the most rewarding experience for me.  I will never forget this experience and what it has taught me along the way.

I thought it would be easy to write a poem each day and add it to a blog, knowing all the while I would hopefully be creating a small book of some kind later down the road.  What I discovered was that it would truly be an act of love, a work of discipline and a time of growth for me as a writer and poet.  

I tried to write when the words came to me, writing several poems along the way at the same time.  Each day re-reading, correcting, adding words until it felt perfect to me.  I kept a journal with me all the time, for when the inspiration or a word, thought, or idea came to me, I would remember it and refer to it later.  What a treasure that journal is to me now!
Writing just doesn't happen, it requires a fullness of heart, a committed awareness and
 a discovery of who you truly are way down deep inside.
Poems don't just magically appear onto the page.   Everyday was a challenge for me
coming up with the right poem for the right day.  Writing this blog became my best friend and each morning I rose early, before my household awakened.  I wanted to write in the quietness of the morning, for there I knew my inspiration would come, and it did.
My poems became my best companions and they knew me well deep inside.

My writing style is just for me.  I learned that in Poetry, there are so many writing styles and I tried a little of each kind, but the free verse style worked best for me and that is where I found my true voice.  I learned that rhyming doesn't always work and there are no rules for writing poetry when it is coming straight from the heart.  Some will say there must be perfect rhyming, punctuation and verse,
others say just write what you feel and don't worry about everything else.
I tend to agree, for poetry is certainly a personal journey only YOU can take.

I will continue to write poetry, even now after this journey has been completed.  For I found that it completes me, it heals me and adds inspiration to my life.  Poetry is a gift and words can be given to others in time of need, celebration and encouragement.
Writing poetry is a way of life for me.

I am truly enriched for having taken this 100 Poems Journey.  When I began in early summer and now have ended in early fall, I found out that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!  I know that YES I do have something to say and to share with others.  I feel as though I am letting go of my best friend and companion at this very moment.   My poetry, my journey, my passion, my friend.

Thank you for those who followed me along the way, your words of encouragement meant a great deal to me and your support of my project meant even more.
Friendships are a gift in this lifetime and I am grateful for yours,
you know exactly who you are!

Donna Lee Zeppieri Wynn