Sunday, September 23, 2012

Poeming It Out Loud

(photo taken for Chickadee Road)

Poeming It Out Loud

I took an E-course
this early spring of twenty twelve
that truly changed
my writing life
and me way down deep inside

My inspiring friend Liz
created a course entitled
"Poem It Out"
little did I know back then 
just how much it would inspire me 

I decided to take it
because my girlfriend Jennifer
was taking it too
it would be something we could 
share together along the way

I wanted to re-ignite the poet
that was tucked way down 
deep inside me
for she had gone missing 
for a very long time

What I received along the way 
was so much more
than I could ever
put down into words
for writing became a spiritual act

To Poem it Out Loud
is reaching way down 
deep inside of yourself
pulling out the words
that have been buried for awhile

I learned to express myself
to let go of the hurts
the words they came with honesty
they just kept pouring out
spilling onto the page

I am grateful for the experience
of what I learned about myself
 in that very short time
for you see six weeks 
just wasn't long enough for me

Thank you Liz
for the experience
of learning and discovery
to find my voice again
 learning to share my very own words 

When given the chance
to express how you feel
write from your heart
record every emotion
learn to Poem It Out Loud

(Poem It Out inspiration from the Liz Lamoreux's E-Course)