Friday, July 20, 2012

Dragonfly Summer

Dragonfly Summer

I saw you perched
there on the wire
poised and magical
so vivid in your colors
your wings just like gauze
your eyes were so tiny
your body was so very small

your eyes stared at me
you didn't move a bit 
I came in closer
just wanting a look
totally aware you
might fly away
but you didn't
you stayed for me
little dragonfly friend

with my camera in my pocket
I reached in even closer
it is as if you knew
what I was trying to do
I captured this picture
of you little one
thank you for staying
and not flying away

dragonfly summer
gentle and relaxing
simplistic and wishful
you symbolize
now you got me to thinking
what changes are coming?
where am I going?
what will I leave behind?

dragonfly summer
what beauty to behold
all on a lazy
Sunday afternoon
a quick moment in time
I will never forget
thank you little dragonfly
for making me smile