Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Gift of a Letter

The gift of a letter

love notes
coming through
the mail
 now becoming
that used to be

smart phones
and texts
messages sent quickly
responses in a second

we have lost the art
of handwriting
sitting down to write
taking the time 
to write from our hearts
sending it with care

the fun of receiving
those written words
from a friend
or a family member
handwritten beauty
the joy
of a stamped
envelope coming 
our way
opening the mailbox
and seeing it there

why is it we have stopped
sending love through the mail?
giving the gift of our words
 to someone who really cares
sharing our hearts
sharing our thoughts
could it be that we
might try again once more?
to restore the beauty
the gift of a letter

encourage someone
send one today
the gift of your letter
worth so much more
than you will know
it may truly be
the only gift that someone
might receive