Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Return to Yoga

Return to Yoga

scared to step on to the mat
it has been such awhile
each day putting something else
in front of my practice

sitting in quiet
waiting to begin
softly letting my body
relax into the mat
I feel so safe
just being here

the lights are dimmed low
candlelight shining all around
I know I belong here
I have returned home
here on my mat

I ask myself why
I had put my yoga aside?
I stand on my mat
setting my personal intention
to return to my yoga
oh how this feels right

Ninety minutes passes quickly
of stretching and poses
music so beautiful
I have come home
 I had returned to
 where I needed to be

my spirit is aligned
my body healthier because
I have given the time and effort
to yoga once more
returning to yoga
returning to self

for yoga is doing
one step at a time