Sunday, July 29, 2012

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

sitting here waiting
for my turn to read
yet calm
of what will soon be

words from strangers
beautifully spoken tonight
opening their hearts
to a room 
full of poets
stillness and quiet
listening with intent
soon applause fills the room
in support of what
was just
heard and received

my heart beats faster
soon it will be me
speaking through that mic
in the front of the room
sharing the words of my heart
nervous to walk down the aisle
I am here looking out
to a room full of people
so many faces
each with their own expressions
I stopped counting at fifty
oh my
here I go . . .

I heard my words spilling out
through the mic
I felt myself becoming flushed
I wondered if they could hear 
my heart beating loudly
it got easier and easier
with each passing line
I look up on occasion
seeing those eyes of

I finish my reading
folding my paper in half
a glance from my friend Jack
nodding with a smile
walking back to my seat
a safe place surely for me
"you did it girl"
I thought to myself
I feel so elated
and proud of just me

my heart slowing down
I can breathe once again
hearing the poems of others
probably ~ maybe
feeling just like me
a night to remember
one I will never forget
Chrysler Museum
reading for the first time
my poems