Friday, July 6, 2012

Her weaving loom says

Her Weaving Loom Says

I am sitting here in the corner
waiting for her to come
waiting to be loved again

I have stood here half threaded
for oh so very long,
one day she will return to me
my owner, my old familiar friend
I know it, I feel it
when will that day come?

I am still here waiting patiently
for my Donna to come near
one day she will want to hear
my beautiful clanging noise
the beater bar flowing in rhythm 
oh once again

One day she will hold my shuttle again
passing through the over~under threads,
repeating the sound over and over
what a calming rhythm I can make
creating a handwoven cloth
right before her big blue eyes

I wonder how is it
 that she has forgotten me?
come back to me
my weaving friend