Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What if???

What if ???

The world were happy all of the time
things weren't always so difficult
we were loved by all
we liked ourselves
things weren't so complicated
what if???

There were no social classes
all races got along
presidential elections
didn't have to come around
our nation was in a healthier place
what if???

We all had peace of mind
we all were well educated
we could eat whatever we wanted
all of the time
we didn't have to age
we didn't have to exercise
we all had thinner and healthier bodies
what if???

If we took the time to
 read more books
we all fell in love with poetry
didn't watch any television
educated our minds
didn't have the internet
got to know our neighbors
what if???

Compliments were a way of life
a hug or a kiss was always
a smile stayed on our faces
we got along with others
we didn't keep our heads
gazing down
when passing a complete stranger
what if???

 We could say how we felt 
all of the time
if there was no judgement
we held compassion 
towards our fellow man
if we could lead by example
in all that we say and do
what if???

Ask yourself
what if???
Where does it lead you?