Monday, July 2, 2012

My Shadow Self

My Shadow Self

I see you there
standing tall and wide 
I wonder who you really are
what is your mind revealing
to me on a very sunny Thursday

your profile shows me
you are ever present
always with me
just look and you will see

this time I see two fingers
reaching outward
reaching upward
expressing peace
for anyone to see

peace to me
my shadow self
peace to my world
my loving world
peace to my home
my safe sanctuary
peace to my friends
my cherished gifts

I see you there
within my heart
within my mind
I love you more
than words can tell
you are always
reminding me
I am not alone

stand tall
keep growing
by leaps and bounds
so come along with me
my shadow self
together we will always be

(Poetry prompt from Liz Lamoreux's Poem It Out E-Course)